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quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

Give it to 'em hard!! Hard SF!!

Nobel? Pulitzer? Hugo? Nebula? Jabuti? Que nada! O negócio é virar música do Bloodhag!

Bloodhag foi uma banda de deathmetal norte-americana cujas letras das canções fazem referências a grandes escritores de fantasia, horror e ficção científica. Segundo o Wikipedia, encerrou suas atividades este ano.

Seguem algumas das letras que encontrei:

Arthur C. Clarke

Is this just a myth? Consciousness exists
Because of this monolithic obelisk genesis
Rewrite the ironic bit. His literary gift's eclipsed
By Kubrick and a Script, but undiminished by it!
Matters of security, he wasn't kept in the dark
For his help in the direction and perfection of radar
Now his life's one long weekend he's only speakin' in Sri Lank
Nobody parts the sea or starts an odyssey like Arthur C. Clarke!

Give it to 'em hard!! Hard SF!! ...Hey!!

Rendezvous With Rama. The Nine Names of God.
Childhood's End and then The Fountain of Paradise.
Then when we land on Venus or maybe Mars
Then when we touch the monolith-
Then we see the truth: Oh my God. It's full of stars!

Give it to 'em hard!! Hard SF!! ...Hey!!

Isaac Asimov

In '41 fandom was young, and Asimov's name was on every tongue
'Cuz in '41 Nightfall had come
Planet driven insane by an eclipse of the sun
A pair of lush sideburns & a bolo tie describes
The genius who brings us the story of I, Robot
So what, the term was coined by Kapec?
The Three Laws of Robotics ain't been broken yet!
Hey! He had to get paid writing fiction, non-fiction, teaching biochemistry
Fact: He wore so many hats.
Was in the Navy with Heinlein & L. Sprague De Camp!
No big thing, 'til Campbell took him under his Astounding wing
Foundation published before his sideburns had even grown an inch!
Psycho-historian, prophetic creation
Mule had to go and fuck up the equation
That's what you get when you make a sport of mutation!

Ray Bradbury

You did pretty good for never having gone to college Ray...
But when I saw you on TV I felt you owed me an apology!
But not for..
Farenheit 451!
Not for...
Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Not for...
Golden Apples of the Sun!
Not for...
Martian Chronicles, Book One!

Michael Moorcock

Corum. The last of his race
Had to kick ass over sixteen planes
Elric. Kept alive by his sword
Stormbringer stole souls for the Chaos Lords.
Eternal Champion. Multiverse of the mind
Everything he wrote somehow intertwined
Michael Moorcock born in 1939!
The Sundred Worlds! The Wrecks of Time!
Moor...cock..cock...cock! Moor...cock..cock...cock!

Moorcock smoked pot with Lemmy
You think you wrote a lot of books, he wrote twice as many
Von Beck was Mike's Grandad
Best Eternal Champion a kid ever had
The Golden Barge or any of his stories
Ironic fables, simple allegories
The great rock-n-roll swindle... Well, why the fuck not?
Hawkwind and Moorcock write books and rock
Moor...cock..cock...cock! Moor...cock..cock...cock!

(E mais um link para Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Perdi a fonte da Imagem. Sorry)

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Ainda no espírito desta postagem, achei o vídeo abaixo no Capacitor Fantástico:

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